Thursday, March 6, 2014

Award Winning Hidden Ladder Collective

Hidden Ladder Collective has been named the CTN 5 public access TV stations Producer of the Year for 2013! We are honored to be awarded such high praise for our work, most notably on Turnstyle Thursday, a weekly open mic variety show that has been running nearly a year. It started at the Meg Perry Center and is now at CTN 5. Thanks to everyone that put in the work to make this a big success. Shout out to Myles Bullen, Sighless, Artur Kaptelinin, Abbeth Russell, Seth Dussault, Agee Tibke, Patrick Russell, Bill Blood and Barry Miller!

The Hidden Ladder Collective is a rapidly growing tidal wave of creative energy based out of Portland, Maine. In this collective, painters are musicians are filmmakers are writers are photographers are activists are sculptors. The boundaries between mediums have been shattered. We are all creators. We are accountable to art. We are resourceful. We make art out of anything and everything. Boredom is unacceptable.

Sample Performance at Turnstyle Thursday. 

Collaborative art from Turnstyle Thursday

We have been putting on monthly art shows for over a year. Our shows are interactive, innovative, and accessible. We are the opposite of a museum where you must stand three feet from the art. In Rip and Tear we invited you to rip art off the walls. In Sensory Circus we allowed you to experience it with all five senses. In 10 Minute Showcase, the performances became the art. In Portal To, you became the art. At Cardboard Monster you could draw all over the artwork with markers that hung from the ceiling. Our shows allow everyone who attends to discover their own creative impulses.

Want to get involved? Come to our next show!

Make sure to read about Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic show!

I love these people

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