Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Online Art Hunt

One of my most popular art projects is my free public miniature art hunts! Each summer I perform art hunts for different towns all over the country. My hunt in Northville, Michigan this summer was indoors and featured art hidden in ten local businesses. I decided to take a set of photos and let you go on an art hunt from your computer!
The goal is to find these tiny two inch mustang paintings hidden in each of the photos below. If you like Where's Waldo, or hidden picture games, here's your chance to go on an art hunt! Good luck. 
Let's start with an easy one.
Can you find the hidden art in the portrait studio?

The gift shop

The Sport's Pub

Accessory Shop
(this is a hard one)

Jewelry Shop

Pottery Shop

Art Gallery

The Cafe

The Eatery

How did you do? Did you find them all? Send this link to others and challenge them to take the miniature art challenge.

You can find a list of all the stores in the photos above at the Northville Art Hunt website.

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