Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red Hot Art Festival: I'll be there but you won't see me

It is only a few days until the Red Hot Art Festival. Three years ago, Matt Semke and myself performed a dinosaur vs caveman themed art battle at the Red Hot Arts Festival. We each painted a dinosaur and caveman and the crowd voted which one would win in a fight. The losing painting got chopped up with an axe.

Two years ago, we returned to the Red Hot art festival to perform a Portrait War. In which we painted people portraits all weekend long. The crowd voted for their favorite portrait, and the losing one was shot with an ink filled super soaker.

And this year, for Billy Vs Matt 13 we will be having the Two Box Battle. We will spend the entire two day hot and humid festival inside wooden boxes painting pictures. The only way to vote is to put money into the box that corresponds with your favorite paintings that we will leave behind.

This battle is especially interesting for me, since I just recently returned to the midwest after being gone for 2 years. A lot of my friends and family are coming to see me and I have to warn them that I will be there making work, but you wont see me or hear me. It's going to be good to see them, even if I don't really see them or talk to them.

For the collectors out there, this is chance to get artwork created literally right before your eye, except hidden inside a box. If you happen to pick up a work of Billy vs Matt 13 and you like it, you can stuff money into the corresponding box and keep the artwork. The winner will be determined by the most donations. All proceeds from the donations will be given to a local chairty supporting the homeless.

Did I mention that our boxes are mobile? You see, we can Fred Flintstone our boxes all over the festival during the weekend. We will start in one spot and wonder around in our boxes creating little paintings, and hoping to convince you with our painting to donate to our box.

In conclusion, if you live anywhere near Minneapolis and you have even an hour of free time this weekend you need to find Stevens Square Park and attend the Red Hot Festival. If not for us, then for god sake do it for the tamales.

Oh, and if you want to see videos from past billy vs matt events check out:

Monster Fighting to the Death
Ten Foot Pole Battle
Sledding Art Battle

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