Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angel. Isis. Painting. New work.

I finally found some time to make a new painting.

Marker and watercolor on paper. The image is based off a sketch I made when I watched the film Radiant Child about the incredible painter Basquiat.

After finishing the painting I posted it on facebook, and in a matter of seconds my friend Jessica Churchill had posted:

"I have had synchronicity/coincidence all day today. This is another one. I was looking at an Isis/Godess photograph earlier. very interesting."

Then she put this image on my wall:

The crown, the throne, the dress, the mask. It was a very eerie coincidence for sure. I really love this photo, and had never seen it prior. These type of synchronicities keep happening recently...perhaps as part of a higher conscience or emotional awakening.

I also realized after the painting was finished that it was similar to one of my previous Icon paintings:


Took said...

tres cool!

and I love noticing sychronicity around me...happens a LOT. especially when I am making things and thanking the Universe for guidance.

Anonymous said...

Strange ... but in a good way!

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