Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miniature Art Hunt announced for Portland, Maine in 2011

See the official Portland Maine Art Hunt website.

In the Spring of 2011 a miniature art hunt will be taking place in the public parks of Portland, Maine. Photographs of the hidden locations will be released giving visual clues to the location of the artwork. The winners keep the original artwork and win an additional prize.

In the past five years, William Hessian has performed a dozen free miniature art hunts that are open to the public all across the country. These art hunts have been performed in California, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Including an upcoming hunt in Michigan in summer of 2011.

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Here is the poster and a few additional photos from past 'Art as Treasure' art hunts:


leafdj said...

Stumbled in from Clockwork Proxy.
That art hunt seemed like a really neat idea. I hope the weather works out for it!

Also, there are bunnies with beards. This is awesome.

Took said...
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Took said...

I am SO excited that you are coming to Michigan!

Anonymous said...


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