Tuesday, June 1, 2010

maze comic

this comic combines two passions, maze making and comics. I have a collection of free printable mazes available on this blog, and nearly 100 online web comics. in an odd way this particular comic pays homage to my childhood; reading 'Calvin and Hobbes' or comic books like 'Ghost Rider' and 'X-Men' and also endlessly doing maze books and creating my own mazes. I have always been a monkey see monkey do. The first time I saw a casino I came back and made my own slot machine out of a cardboard box. I remember one of my mini comics from grade school featuring the bloody battle between Spider-Man and Wolverine. My comic gave no reason for the fight, or why the two heroes seemed possessed by evil rage; in the end Sabertooth dropped out of a tree threatening to kill them both. A cliffhanger I will never follow up on, but funny none the less. It is funny to think I have never kicked the monkey see monkey do attitude in adulthood; if I watch a hockey game I want to play hockey. If I see people playing Pinochle, I want to play Pinochle. I've made a large effort to focus my concentration or prioritize my time. Thus, fighting the urge to do things I see and supplementing it with the urge to complete things I have started. I think most people call this 'growing up'. Seems unnatural, but I'm getting used to it.

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Anonymous said...

I love the trip down memory lane ... brings back fond memories!

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