Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 698

Photo by Kris Ericson

My good friend, Kris Ericson runs a one photo a day blog. I was the featured subject matter for day 698 as evident in the photo above.

I have been the photo of the day in a handful of other photos in the past. You would have to scroll pretty far back to find them, but they are there. Me wearing a mask, portrait me (using that one as my facebook profile photo), me killing a canvas and a variety of other photos.

It is worth scrolling back to previous photos to see some of the great captures Kris has been able to get. He is now over 700 days of photos. I know he sometimes takes dozens and dozens of pictures before he is happy with the one photo he must choose per day. If you get the chance to follow any blog, especially if you enjoy photography, choose Kris' one photo a day blog.

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