Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paper Sculpture Maquettes

these are rough designs for ideas for larger sculptures with thicker paper, or possibly in ceramic. i consider these to be sculpture sketches. the vessels may or may not contain drawings on the flat surfaces.

what do you think?


BomTrown said...

I like the concept of a sculpture sketch. I never thought about that before. Sketching in the 3 D.

My only thought for using heavier paper or ceramics would be to make sure they are balance-able, so they don't fall over!

William Hessian said...

tom, thanks for the comments. i agree with the balance issue. I've been studying the Dirt on Delight ceramics show at the Walker Art center to see how artists have dealt with balance. It seems there are some neat ways to deal with the issue after the fact.

but i will have to plan ahead accordingly.

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