Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ROBOPHANT painting

My newest 2 hour painting, ROBOPHANT is available for sale on my etsy shop. The robotic elephant only has a few days to live. If it is not purchased by May 9th at 3pm it will be destroyed live on my canvas kill live painting show. You can watch the painting show for free. May 9th is my 11th and final live painting show for this season. You can watch my canvas killing videos at vimeo.

Enjoy the pictures of the robotic elephant:

1 comment:

Took said...

Hi William -- it was really cool watching your live show for the first time. I am usually not home on Saturdays. It was fun watching the robophant come alive. I hope he gets to live!

Oooooh...and thanks for that preview of your chubby creatures. You still NEED to make them for Art-o-mat...and make Northville a stop on your Art Tour. I really adore your chubby creatures!

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