Thursday, January 15, 2009

My customizing bike days are numbered

Not long ago, this blog was featuring numerous airbrush projects as Pat Reese Sr. and myself started an airbrush company called Billy and the Old Man design. We gave it a good run, and now only accept one to two projects at a time, and have shut down our storefront and stopped advertising. It went from a full time venture, to a side gig.

While I have never even sat on a motorcycle during my customization days, I do find myself fascinated by customizable motorcycle parts. I personally find motorcycles to be beautiful modern horses. I also still keep in contact with a number of clients that currently ride customized motorcycles that I helped paint.

Cruiser customization, and a number of other businesses are still finding ways to profit during the slow economy. Although, actual airbrushing and custom artwork has become a luxury item people are less willing to pay for (or at least 'pay enough' for). The burden of working on motorcycles did stress me out, but the act of airbrushing is something I truly enjoy.

For those of you motorcyclists that still periodically stop by my blog, and website, please continue coming by. I will be featuring new airbrushed projects and displaying the newest projects we are tackling. Feel free to click the airbrushing tab below to browse around some other airbrushing posts, with pictures and info.

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