Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Robots Vs Zombie Art

Zombies Vs Robots: because humans are already LOOOONG dead.

Ten months ago I started this drawing. I spent a few nights working on it, and proceeded to forget about it during moving locations and opening and moving my airbrushing business. Just a few days ago Kelsey (my girlfriend) asked me what I was going to do with it, since the drawing, in just pencil as seen if you click the link above, had been just sitting in the corner of our bedroom untouched. I said, "probably nothing" and moved it into our closet. Then I saw Stevens Square Center for the Arts had an open call for a Zombie show. I ran over to pull it out. Ten hours later. I am now at this spot. Nearing the finish, and entering it into the Zombie art show here in Minneapolis.

Zombies and Robots are themes that I really enjoy working with. I will also be posting my beast Vs robot drawing, that I hope to make into a series of works in the future. So bookmark my page and check back soon. Next month I will also feature this Zombie Art show and show off some of the fine works that will likely be on display. The first blog about this particular drawing showed it in the pencil drawing phase. Right as I started to ink the beast. Also make sure to browse around me past post to find lots on neat art projects I have done in the past.

Zombies Vs Robots: because humans are already LOOOONG dead.

You can now view the finished version of this drawing by clicking here.

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