Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boatload of more RETIRED bunnies

(click the image to see full size)

The bunnies are being sold for only five dollars on the artists' version of Ebay called Etsy. As you can see in the brand new updated poster that many bunnies have sold out and are no longer available.

Help support working artists, by visiting my shop and buy a bunny for yourself or a friend. It is important to support working artists to enrich the creating thinking of our society, and human beings as a whole. Every sale helps afford me the time to create new and exciting projects like miniature art hunts and Billy Vs Matt art battles.

The bearded bunnies are an ongoing series of small artworks that I have created. I enjoy working within fixed guidelines and making many variations within those guidelines. I have created over 70 bunnies now, many which are shown above, although some of the most popular bunnies have been retired and removed from the poster already. You will need to browse my blog to see some of the first retired bunnies, like Bob Dylan, Butterfly and Flowers. New bearded bunnies are always in the works, and the bunnies are also sold in vintage cigarette vending machines across america as part of Art o Mat.

Buy a bunny today!

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