Friday, June 27, 2008

the art tour has begun

kelsey and myself are currently in Jamestown, North Dakota hiding miniature artwork all over town. This hunt happens to take place during the 125th Anniversary celebration of Jamestown. This includes a parade, a beard growing contest, street dances, air show, grand opening of a new super walmart (right behind the old non-super walmart).

the reason i am forced to blog with words, instead of with a sexy video is because my laptop has all of a sudden lost its ability to pick up wireless. It has never done this before. My computer tells me that my WLAN is disabled. So here i sit on a borrowed computer typing away my adventures instead of showing you.

however, once my computer is up and working again the videos will appear. (hopefully soon)

meanwhile, i've got more buffalo to hide in the public parks of Jamestown for the art as treasure art tour.

Stay Tuned....

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