Friday, May 23, 2008

My bunnies in Alabama (super short video)

My friend Cindy aka DixieLady just purchased a few bunnies, in support of my upcoming art tour. I met Cindy on jumpcut, and have become friends with her through a variety of social mediums beyond there (myspace, email etc). See more of her movies at: Jumpcut

Both Cindy and myself agree that Jumpcut is probably the best place on the internet to upload video, edit, add music within a few moments. It is one of the simplest and most convenient tools on the internet. I use Jumpcut to make vlogs, promotional videos, animations and fictional shorts.

The last video I made is my KILL JUNK MAIL and HELP! help! Help! videos.

Cindy purchased some of my bunnies from my online shop at Etsy. Bearded Bunnies are sold framed for only $5 plus all profit go directly into helping my afford creating free public art hunts this summer!

Thanks very much to Cindy and other supporters of my art hunts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We all, including my husband, love Billy Jay's Bearded Bunnies. They are so cute and adorable and when our cat Kitty thought she had been bitten by one of them while I was recording, she jumped. So what better timing for the video to be placed at JumpCut.
Billy Jay, thank you so much and we are looking forward to more of your arts in the near future.
Your friend in Alabama,
Cindy aka DixieLady

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