Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conan O'Brien rides a six nippled tart while talking about a bald Britney Spears


I go out of my way to avoid hearing anything about celebrities. I do not watch TV, I do not read any of those celebrity newspapers, and I do not chat about celebrities with friends. Sometimes, despite my efforts, I am exposed to gossip. I did a short series of sketches based on the few things I have heard.

Conan and Britney

Easy subject matter. Conan is a fun person to draw. He is so lanky and awkward looking in general that it typically is very easy to transfer onto paper. Plus, I do find hm very funny. Britney, with all of her craziness lately, I could really care less about. I try to do all that I can to ignore her privite life. Yet, she is everywhere!

See more of my artwork by seeing my newest bearded bunny, and also seeing the pig monster ink sketch, and do not forget to check out my ripple self portrait


Unknown said...

This picture of Conan looks just like Conan...but it also looks like Beavis (or is it Butthead?). Now I know why Conan disturbs me so much.

Anonymous said...

Crazy but funny!

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