Tuesday, January 12, 2016

William Hessian Art

William Hessian Art  (https://www.facebook.com/William-Hessian-Art-231731100203668/) has swallowed most of the energy of the Bearded Bunny Blog. This blog was the home and backbone to so many projects, ideas and was a literally journal of ideas. It was also my soapbox to share with the world what I was working on. In this time I have also succumbed to the ease of a social media giant, simply because it saved me a lot of time. 

 A few years ago this site became a funnel to direct everyone to my artist website www.williamhessian.com and it still functions as that. I still get decent exposure from all the years of posting I did here on this blog and I still really enjoy the community of friends and artists that gathered around my work during those times.
 I posted hundreds of weekly Sketchbook Friday posts and was very consistent. Eventually, like with the daily web comic which I was able to successfully complete, an end was needed for that project. For me, I needed to pour my attention into a new project called PBL ROBOTS card & dice game.  I created my own card and dice game and started Hidden Ladder Games with John Sighless Supinski. At the same time I am on the board of the Union of Maine Visual Artists in Maine and also a founding member of the Hidden Ladder Collective, an art collective breaking down the barriers between artists and those that do not consider themselves artists (because we all are).

I really miss all the posts and still really appreciate all the support. I will still be posting here occasionally. I hope you reach out to me in all the other ways and say hi. Stay in touch. The bearded bunny is always here.

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