Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Common Ground Fair Art Hunt

The Common Ground Fair in Unity Maine will feature a miniature art hunt by William Hessian. Hidden among the fair grounds will be 10 original works of art measuring only 1 inch by 1.5 inches each. The art hunt is designed to raise awareness about the important of Compost & Recycling in our lives. The subject matter feature the likeness of 10 different types of fish, reminding us that our choices to recycling and compost have a direct effect on the creatures and environment that surrounds us.

Artist William Hessian, who currently lives in Portland Maine teaches art at River Tree Arts in Kennebunk, Maine, has been creating miniature art hunts across the country for 8 years. His art hunts happen annually in Minnesota, California and North Dakota and have also happened in 5 other states across the US. William also sells his miniature artwork in galleries across the US and on the internet. The art hunts are often tied to fairs, festivals and political events. The hunts are always free and invite everyone to become a treasure hunter for a weekend and pay close attention to your surroundings.

For those who attend the Common Ground Fair and want to find hidden art, here is how it will work. First, you will want to find the Compost & Recycling Tent where a small display will have photograph clues released periodically over the weekend. Each photograph clue will show the miniature artwork in its hiding place, and the clues will get easier as the weekend progresses. Each person that finds one of the ten works of art can return to the Compost & Recycling tent to be awarded an additional prize! 

"I am going to make this art hunt extremely difficult for all the talented treasure hunters at the CommonGround Fair." William posted on Facebook.

In previous hunts William has been known to hide artwork 20 feet up a tree, on branches over hanging streams, and deep inside rotted out logs. It is an accomplishment to find one of these little treasures. 

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