Friday, May 16, 2014

You Don't Own Me: Sketchbook Friday

Have you ever seen one of Jar Jar Bink's cousins yelling at a Brain in a Jar? Well, now you have. Tell your friends you saw it on the Bearded Bunny Blog. In this page of random pen sketches you get all kinds of variety. A smiley face with a Justin Bieber hair cut. A cat man with an Earth First t-shirt. A gas mask daisy flower dancing lady. A soccer playing E.T. cyclops. Including a number of other very bizarre drawings. Which one is your favorite? And why? I would love to know.

Each Friday at noon I scan in one new sketch or drawing from one of my many sketchbooks. Many times my sketches are ideas for larger projects that you might find on my fine art website William Hessian dot com, or as projects right here on my Bearded Bunny art blog. If you enjoy these sketches make sure to also see all of the sketchbook friday posts.

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