Monday, September 30, 2013

Secret City of the Absent Sane: Hidden Ladder Collective

When you enter 644 Congress Street on the evening of October 4th, you will step out of Portland and into another city entirely. The city you will enter houses mysteries behind every window and every door. It is slightly haunted and completely enchanted. 

Secret City of the Absent Sane will be the last First Friday at 644 Congress. This event will complete a full year of exciting interactive art shows brought to you by the Hidden Ladder Collective. The final show in the current space is sure to be the most absurdly mind blowing show imaginable. Come open the doors and windows of a surreal skyline and discover worlds of curiosities inside. Performance art, video art, puppets, sculptures, paintings, and unimaginable oddities await your presence.

With live music performances by Cemetery Blues and Jackal Rats.

Mhyhan The Mystic, a short film by Seth Dussault, will be screened throughout the evening.

Curated by Abbeth Russell and William Hessian

Please invite everyone you know!

If you are interested in being in this show or submitting artwork, message me with your email and I will send you more info.

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