Thursday, August 29, 2013

45 Years of NO

"In Regards to the 45 Year Nestle Water Contract"
September 6th, 2013 
Meg Perry Center
644 Congress St. Portland, ME
Show runs through September

The Hidden Ladder Collective, Meg Perry Center, Artists and Activists and individuals and families from around the state are standing up against the Nestle/Poland Spring cooperation with an art show called "45 Years of No".  Forty Five Illustrated Letters, some as large as 4 feet, will be on display for September's First Friday event. In addition to the featured artists, one wall of the Meg Perry Center will start the night empty and blank "NO" letters and art supplies will be available for visitors to illustrate their own letters and be entered in a month long COLORING CONTESTA petition, video and and guest speakers will be speaking throughout the night (visit the event page for updates about speaker's and artists involved) will all be present to educate everyone about the serious water injustices locally, nationally and around the world. Maine X Change, an independent media project, will be covering this event. 

Submission by William Hessian

Last month, The Hidden Ladder Collective put on a 12 Hour Art Marathon Lock-In (See the Channel 8 coverage: where over 50 artists collectively raised over $2000 for the financially struggling Meg Perry center. The Lock-In fundraiser and a brand new membership program has financially rejuvenated the center, which stands for Peace, Justice and Community. The Meg Perry Center has also been hosting engaging, interactive and unique art shows in the past 12 months which has included Sensory Circus, Rip & Tear, Cardboard Monster, and Portal To. You can see all of the events at the center on the website including open hours, open mics, movie screenings, panel discussions and workshops. 

Submission by Kenny Cole

The show will hit the road! At the end of the September a caravan of artists will take down all of the "NO"s and drive to Augusta, Maine and present these illustrated letters to the state house and also to Nestle headquarters and the Fryeburg Water company. Everyone who participates in the show/ coloring contest is invited to come along in the caravan. For any questions, photos, and media options please contact William Hessian: 207 766 6204 

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