Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Artist Skype Network

Artist Skype Network (Artist Skype Group):
Are you:

Looking for other artists to skype with
Want to draw with people around the world
Want to paint with people around the world
Want to make art with people around the world
Want to share projects, get feedback and learn
Want to talk to other artists

I have been building a large Artist Skype Network. A collection of artist who like to communicate, learn, teach, discuss, strategize, about being an artist with other artists around the world. Sometimes we just listen to music and make art together. Some times we ask advice, tell stories or do collaborative projects. Either way, its a way to build community on-line and across the world from one artist to another.

Sometimes we do big web cam events, or live stream from art shows where people can talk with a bunch of artists at the same time. Or be a part of a larger discussion. We also do a few conference call presentations a few times a year to help spread information about artist grants, agents, and pricing your artwork.

If you want to join this private Artist Skype Network add me on skype and leave me a message: William Hessian
I have also started a Facebook Group page for this: Artist Skype Group

Or leave me a comment with your skype name and I will find you.


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