Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tunnels of Madness: free online maze

"Where can I find free printable mazes online?"

"Do you have any mazes available online?"

"I want to print off mazes for my kids!"

It was a few years ago when people would be sending me e-mails and messages asking these questions. I often make mazes for kids and adults and hand them out at art festivals, draw-a-thons and gallery shows; so people knew me as a maze maker. A few years later I have 14 printable mazes available for anyone. I get a few hundred hits per day on my mazes, and they have been printed all around the world. It is fun to get feedback and hear which mazes people like, or dislike, and why. I look forward to creating some new and challenging mazes in the upcoming months to add to my collection. I hope you enjoy my collection of free printable mazes 

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