Monday, September 17, 2012

Why I Not an Otter: Art Night Portraits by Asher Platts

I am passionate about art nights. "Art night" or "art group" is an excuse for artists of all mediums to come together in a common place, create, collaborate, discuss, brainstorm and feed off each others' collaborative energy.

It does not matter where I am living, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maine... art nights are a part of my typical routine. I have met incredible people during these types of events. Last night in Maine, myself and 11 other incredible artists gathered in my tiny apartment and created some incredible things together. I made a couple of brand new works that I am really excited about but I am saving those for a future blog post (mostly because I broke my camera). This affords me the opportunity to highlight the artwork of my multi-talented friend Asher Platts and his portraits:

During the night, Asher was going around the room doing expressive portraits of each person who stayed long enough to be drawn. They turned out really incredible and I wanted to feature his work here for you all to see. This drawing was done of Abbeth Russell, who is my roommate, who is also an incredible visual artist. Abbeth and I just cemented a big art show together in October.
As I mentioned above Asher Platts is multi-talented as a musician in Theodore Treehouse which is my favorite local band in Portland Maine. Asher is also running as a green for State Senate. Asher is also known on youtube as the controversial video blogger, Punk Patriot. In the picture above he is depicting Sighless (Silus aka John) when he was singing songs on the couch.
The other really exciting thing about this blog post, and these photos for me, is that these are incredible portraits done of some of my favorite people in Maine. This was an excellent portrait of Rob Korobkin!
Here is the portrait Asher Platt did of me (William Hessian). 
I met Chris just yesterday when he saw me painting in the park and decided to come join us. Chris is an art student and it was great having him at art night. 
Asher Platts portrait of Marion. An incredible depiction. 
A close up of the drawing of Rob. 
Rachel showed up near the end and Asher had time to do a great capture while she drew a picture of a Magician with a Techni color cape.

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