Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wolf Princess (shamanic drawing)

The Wolf Princess is a small drawing done with watercolor, pen, colored pencil and collage. It references the idea of shamanic practices which allow the spiritual exploration of our bodies through a variety of practices. I often dream of characters who act completely human however have very bizarre wolf heads and they are usually giving very unusual advice. The advice that I am given in the dream perplexes me, and when I wake up I can never remember what was actually said to me.

Many of my smaller drawings are considered studies for larger works. I like to explore my ideas as fully developed smaller drawings in order to decide if I want to make a larger series of paintings studying the same subject matter and style. You can browse my other drawings here. The step that comes before this drawing studies is the sketch, and you can see new sketches every Friday as part of my sketchbook friday series.

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