Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Minnehaha Free Space Art Group Art Show

This event is going to be so great, we had to make TWO posters.

Artists involved in the art show include:

ben flint
chris harrison
ben merrill
william hessian
john ennenga
jacob nejimakidori
mike toft
art group collaborations

and more....

The show features drawing, comic book art, sculptures, paintings and more. There will be food, music, and a general introduction to the free space. For those that have not been to the free space it is a radical space with a zine library, movie nights, secret cafe's, kids space, internet access and good vibes all around. The best part about this space is the people who inhabit it, and at the show there should be a lot of those people to meet.

Everyone is invited to come check out an art show put on by the Art Group at the Minnehaha Free Space. Check out the event page for this event to get details.

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