Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Kid Friendly Online Maze

(Click the image to see the full image)

This maze was created as bonus content for my online web comic called King of the Pill. The web comic has new content every single day for 2012, and I am even trying to publish a few puzzles and games as bonuses for those that check in each day. If you have not seen my web comic you should head on over and check it out, it is on day 50 already.

If you enjoy free online printable mazes, you came to the right spot, my most popular work on the blog is my free printable mazes. Hundreds have been printed off in school rooms, living rooms and activity centers around the world. Nearly one hundred people per day visit my online mazes. I have some very difficult mazes, I have a few simple mazes for the youngsters and even a few in between difficulties for those who enjoy a good maze that is not too hard. You should definitely see my maze collection.

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