Monday, January 2, 2012

One a Day 2012! Inspiration behind the WEBCOMIC: King of the Pill

Five years ago, in December 2006, my friend Matt Semke started doing a drawing a day. He has not missed a day! Semke has been posting new daily content for 2000 days in a row! Before I continue you should check out his website: cats will eat you

Here is Semke in his studio. Photo by Loren Green for City Pages interview.

Semke's website and his drawings have been inspiring me for half a decade. During these last five years my high school friend Kris Ericson started a photograph per day project (which now posts exclusively on Facebook), he has been publishing great photos for nearly three years now. A few months ago I got to meet another inspiration for One A Day projects, his name is Stephen Georg and he publishes three youtube videos every day! No joke! I even got to meet him when he was visiting the midwest:

the day I met Stephen and Mallory. Learn more about StephenVlog

I also was inspired by Bridget McAlonan in Maine, who inspired me to do Fun A Day: One Drawing a Day for one month. The results were then on display in a gallery in Portland, Maine and in other galleries all across the country. Bridget McAlonan started Inventing Trees in 2011 and has just finished her drawing a day project. Meanwhile, she is now two days into her paper doll a day project!

And then there is Took Gallagher. She posted 461 blog posts in 2011! Prolific is an understatement. Her blog displays numerous photographs, great descriptions featuring a wide variety of projects from drawing, collage to giant sculptures. I got to meet her this year and see her commitment to her artwork first hand.

William Hessian (me) and Took Gallagher in Northville, Michigan

I am surrounded all these inspiring people taking on these really dedicated one a day projects. I watch them all post so much great content on Facebook ("LIKE" me on Facebook) and I am motivated every day. That is why I am starting a panel a day web comic project called: King of the Pill. A story that started January 1st, 2012 and will end December 31st 2012. 365 panels long and one grand tale.

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