Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do you like paintings of dogs?

watercolor on paper.

Do you like paintings of dogs?

Because I do.

Here is a painting I made of a dog. This painting is made for a certain type of dog that has yet to exist. This paintings is made for future reference of this breed of dog. It labels all notable features of the dog in exquisite detail. By looking at this painting, you are gaining knowledge which is unquestionably invaluable to the survival of the human race. The answer is here. The answer is always in the art.

Time to find it.

Gorky inspired me. Miro inspired me. Kandinsky inspired me. Basquiat inspired me. They conversed with each other in another dimension and asked me gently to make them a painted guide to the working of this breed of dog. Please love it.

Made by William Hessian at the Jamestown Art Center only a few minutes after the class of 15 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders left the classroom to go out into the windy freezing day. For a moment the classroom was quiet, for a moment the classroom was mine.


Unknown said...

The energy in this piece is fabulous. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Would look good in my doghouse ... I like all the colors and themes!

Pamela in Vt said...

Love it! The after-energy when students leave the room and a to-be-dog; I get that! Thanks for sharing!

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