Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cat Fish

Another quick watercolor study. This rough design is based off of a series of larger paintings titled, Wicked cats. I enjoy the idea of cats being built with crude shapes and lines, and yet still remaining undoubtedly a cat.

watercolor and ink on paper. 2012

You can find a spider and fish in the picture. This watercolor was made so that it can fold and be sent to one of my great friends as a card in the mail. However, it is often hard to choose who should receive such a card, and it seem to be harder to sit down and write cards these days as the old fashioned mail seems to move far too slow for these modern days. And yet, it is so romantic to send a card.

I have, on many occasions, declared that I will start sending more letters to the list of my friends who i think deserves a hand written letter. Only to never get to it, and put it off for months and year.

Which reminds me, I need to work on my art-o-mat blocks. Which reminds me, I need to update my website, which reminds me I need to make sure I have my King of the Pill web
comic ready to go tonight, which reminds me....I have too much to do.

In actuality my real priority is preparing for teaching 10 different classes of 1st grade, and an after school ceramics class, and a comic book class next week. I need to review my lesson plans, or maybe I will do the much less productive thing and drink beer and watch football. I can blame it on being American.


Took said...

dizz-a-fy-in' how much stuff you do!

Unknown said...

I love the CATS!!!

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