Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Best Web Comic for Kids

A Web Comic for Kids
King of the Pill is the best web comic for kids. It can be hard to find a good PG web comic on the computer, and sometimes you have to spend a lot of time sifting through back logs of web comics to make sure the comic is actually safe for kids. This is why I am writing an entire post about King of the Pill and that it strives to be a kid friendly comic. The child friendly webcomic is updated daily, and provides some extra content like activities, free mazes, puzzles, and coloring pages (that you can submit and have as part of the comic). Everything is fun, free and family friendly!

The Story
The story in King of Pill centers around Jasper, who is bestowed with a pill that gives him the "FACE of MANY HANDS". Jasper, who loves his family, is guided away from his home and set on a grand adventure of puzzles, crazy powers, friendship and exploration. Along this journey he will learn about the mysterious pills, and meet some very bizarre creatures and monsters. Jasper makes new friends, but misses his home along the way. While the story has great sound effects and characters for the kids to read, there is a lot of content that the adults will also appreciate, including loss, loneliness and being lost in a confusing world.

The Art
Bright colors and simple cartoony characters make this comic immediately fun for the younger audience. Every few days one of the pages is animated and the images is glowing or moving. Sound effects, goofy dialogue and funny scenes also make it a fun ride, and a story that begs you to start over from the beginning and read it all again. There is something fun about a wacky adventure in a wacky world where things just do not really make much sense.

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