Friday, May 27, 2011

Portland Paste: Street Art

I have always loved underground art. Stencils. Wheat paste. Posters. Stickers. Graffiti. I have been photographing this work since I was a little kid in Minneapolis. I also love seeing artwork outside of the gallery setting. Large murals, sides of trains, walls, poles.

When I arrived in Portland, Maine I got really involved with Peace Action Maine and the political scene. At the same time I have been watching some political artwork appear all over town. You can see some of this work on the Portland Paste flickr gallery. It is a collection of photographs of different art projects that have been showing up around town.

Here is a video:

I love the video, because I strongly support the safe return of the US Troops.

If anyone has seen other places that is recording underground art projects (photographs, videos) please add a link in the comments. It is always interesting to see what is showing up on the streets. Make sure to bookmark the Portland Paste Flickr as new images continue to show up.

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