Tuesday, January 25, 2011

page, carew, gump: minnesotan bunnies

This is a photo of a personalized bearded bunny drawing I created for my uncle Rick. It was his christmas present. Rick is a big fan of Minnesota Sports figures and these three are among his favorites. For those non-Minnesota or non-sports fans the three famous sports figures are:

Allen Page

Rod Carew

Gump Worsley

As an interesting addition to this post I met Allen Page. As a little kid, age 5 I think, I had entered a black history month drawing competition. I drew my favorite baseball player at the time: KIRBY PUCKETT. I won the contest for my age group and I got to meet and shake hands with Allen Page. They also awarded me this really neat plaque, with a photo of my and Allen Page and this neat commemorative button with the picture of Martin Luther King on it. I love, and still have this plaque. It was the first art contest I had won, and was something I was very proud of as a youngster.

On another note, I started a job at the local Staples yesterday. The store, and where I currently live, is in Portland, Maine. My first day on the job while training in as a cashier I talked to a guy wearing a Minnesota Wild hat. Turns out he was from Rochester, Minnesota where my grandma and grandpa live. Small world.


Anonymous said...

Three of my favorite bunnies ... at least for now!

Alicia Billings said...

Very nice! Well done, Sir.

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