Thursday, May 14, 2009

Laughter poem

salty tears; eyes raw pink
I pull you from the ground?
Body, unmoving; roadkill
Lips; silent, unmoving; nothing
this darkness hurts
I only laugh

by william hessian.

This poem was something I threw together this morning to enter into the my brief message "laughter" contest, there was a limit of 25 words. I saw the post on craigslist, and figured it would be a good excuse to write a quick poem.

Poetry is one thing I really miss about college. I loved writing poems, and that it really made me think about different things, in different ways. In the past, I have made a small book of my art and poetry called skewer. Since then (2004), I have not done much poetry writing.

I hope you enjoy my poem. Maybe I will find time to write more.

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