Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sticker Monster Art

Inspired by graffiti artists around the world and groups like Free Art Friday, I've been drawing on label paper and putting stickers up in unique areas. This is my version of guerrilla art and do not consider it vandalism, since most of the work is in very hidden locations and will eventually peel away and dissolve in the elements. I enjoy creating hidden art for people to find and have done a dozen free miniature art hunts all across America.

The monster below is hidden on the roof of a building, drawn with markers, on sticker paper, and water proofed with an acrylic glaze. I am trying to decide if I should make copies of these big monster stickers and print them out for people to buy, 2 monsters for 5 dollars. I'm not sure if anyone would want them. And if not, I enjoy creating them and hiding them all over the place.

Since hidden art and free art is a passion of mine, it seems only natural to extend my work into projects like this:

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Coop said...

Hi, I really like your work and was hoping that this might interest you.

I am attempting to amass a large collection of portraits of Frankenstein's Monster in as many different styles and in as many different media as possible as an ongoing art project. The only stipulation is that the size is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (standard artist trading card size) and that each card has name, date, title and anything else you care to add on the back.

I welcome cards from both amateur and professional artists.

I will be leaving blank cards with instructions and mailing address in galleries, colleges, art shops, on buses, handing them out in the street and wherever else I can think of.

If you think you can spare the time to produce a little something, please send a portrait to:

A Patchwork Of Flesh
45 Silversea Drive
Westcliff on Sea
United Kingdom

Each card I receive will be uploaded at to produce an on-line gallery, I then hope to put on an exhibition of these cards in a gallery.

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