Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are artists immune from bed bugs?

Have you ever had bed bugs? Kelsey and I are living in Jamestown, on an artist-in-residency and we think we might have bed bugs. The odd thing is that I never get bitten, and Kelsey does. Another odd thing is that if Kelsey switches sides of the bed, she does not get any bites. We did some research at bedbug killer and found good advice. We went almost as far as getting rid of the mattress, and it seemed fine for a while. A few days ago, three more bites.

We are trying to decide if we need to get rid of the art center's mattress or not. However, if I sleep on the bed bug side, and Kelsey on the other side no one gets a bite. I think bed bugs do not like the taste of artists; Kelsey thinks its because I dont shower enough.

The website also gives you some simple tests to run to determine if you have them. Laying tape on the ground, keeping a flashlight by your bed, or looking for waste.

It was such an odd occurance, I had to write. Any other artists find themselves immune to bed bugs?

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Anonymous said...

Most people don't react to bites. You're getting fed upon but aren't reacting. Simple, case closed.

I'm studying bed bugs and react 8-12 hours later but many of my colleagues have different rates of reaction...out to two weeks later and none at all.

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