Friday, September 12, 2008

Little People art project!

I was brainstorming some idea for future art hunts ideas, and I decided to "google" art treasure hunt. I found some interesting projects and concepts, including some of my own art projects. The little people project was my favorite that I ran across:

Slinkachu as he called himself, collect very tiny little people sculptures which are placed in everyday common places. The little people sometimes are working, or sightseeing, fighting insects, hanging on grates, or any number of other very dynamic and often hilarious or entertaining things. The photographs on his blog are priceless and worth a gander.

slinkachu's little people have had a lot of good press, as indicated by his press section, as his tiny people and the photographs of them in their habitat have been published in all sorts of news media. I personally find this project brilliant.

The army men sized sculptures are very well sculpted from train sets and placed in the public with a specific surrounding in mind. The photographs end up being very compelling. The art hunt portion of the project is what came up in my search, which is running parallel to the release of the first book of little people.

Make sure to spend a few minutes checking out, little people.

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