Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How an artist shops for Christmas presents

Christmas always sneaks up on me, and I typically find myself running out on December 23rd or 24th trying to finish shopping for everyone on my list. Being an artist, I like to create my own gifts for part of each gift, draw a picture, design a card or make my own wrapping paper. When I procrastinate in buying gifts I end up running out of time for my little artwork additions, and at times my gifts become very thrown together. The gifts never reach their full potential.

This year I am trying something new, i am going to use I Black Friday. The website I Black Friday offers the ability to buy from dozens of popular stores online, while getting a list of all the SPECIAL black friday sales going on. The first cool thing about the site is that it offers deals from many of the stores I already go christmas shopping at: EB games, Target, artful home, Toys R Us and even the aApple Store and Microcenter. This website also prelists some of these sales, long before anyone else does. For instance, you can go right now to i black friday's Walmart Ad and look over tons of products that will be on sale for black friday. It is kind of like looking into the future.

Another great thing is the coupons and special offers. At the top of their site they have a tab that allows you to scan through the coupons and special offers they can give you. Some of which are really significant savings.

If you are like me at all, and procrastinate, or seem to have a hard time finding the time to shop around and hate the crowded malls, then you might want to do what I am doing this year...I'm buying everything online at iblackfriday's. If it works as good as it seems it will, I should be done shopping only a week after thanksgiving, and I should be saving myself both money and time.

Finally this year I should have more time to draw handmade cards, and make my own wrapping paper, since my shopping should be long done. I may even have time to take picture of these wonderful gifts and blog about them.

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