Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A blogging artist gets Pay Per Post!

I consider myself an artist, and not long ago I considered myself a blogging artist. I started a number of blogs about things that I am passionate about. Art, being my number one passion, is my most popular of blog topics. As you can see by browsing around, I feature my own artwork (bearded bunnies), my own art shows in Minneapolis, artists that I like or have met locally, and also review art materials as well.

Blogging has been a great way for me to make a few extra dollars a month talking about my passions. The Bearded Bunny Blog offers me all sorts ways to promote my projects and art shows, while also giving me a chance to express myself about the art world.

Last week, a major break through in my blogging career happened…I stumbled on, and got accepted into Pay Per Post. Pay Per Post is a very exciting blogging site, which allows you to find blog topics that fit your site (for instance 'artwork' for my bearded bunny blog) and write about them for money.

When I first found the site, I wondered if a niche art blog like myself would ever find anything to blog about that would be worth any money. I already have three open opportunities, and if I wasn’t just about to hit the road for my 2008 Art as Treasure Art Tour I would be all over them.

There are many more opportunities for blogs with larger readership than mine, however it is nice to know that even smaller more community based blogs can also get into the action. I am very excited to try it out and see how well it does for me.

If you run a blog and are interested you should click the link above and make money. Basically, your blog needs to meet a few criteria, like 10 posts per month and then you will start getting offers depending on your blog topic. Even if you don’t want to write blogs for money, it is still very interesting to see who IS and HOW MUCH they get.

I will keep a running review of Pay Per Post and tell you how I think it is working for my art blog. You can always tell which posts are done through pay per post if you see the logo that appears below:

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