Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get your bearded bunny balls!

My 50 small bearded bunnies have been spreading across the nation. I have been selling them in old transformed cigarette vending machine through Art O Mat®, I have been selling them online at Etsy, and then of course in local photography shops and galleries like the amazing Argente Photography, one of my favorite galleries in Minneapolis Altered Esthetics and my own gallery/shop called Billy and the Old Man Design.

The sales of my bearded bunnies goes directly into my Art as Treasure fund, which funds my projects of hiding miniature artworks in public parks as free art hunts for members of the city to take part in. See the many previous posts about my art hunts and how to get involved, especially if you live in Oregon, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah or California since that is where all of my hunts will take place this summer.

Support a self representing artist like myself, help make art treasure and bring arts to the parks for those willing to look for it, not just those able to pay for it. Buy a Bearded Bunny today!

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