Monday, November 19, 2007

Park Garbage Rating: Taylor Falls 4.5

My girlfriend, Kelsey and I (pictured above) visit parks in the midwest as often as possible. We have started to rank the park's cleanliness based on how many items of garbage we find and pick up during our visit. We also look and record any hidden treasures we stumble upon. This is the first of hopefully many reviews:

Park Garbage Rating: Taylor Falls, Minnesota 4.5
This rating is derived from the amount of garbage found on our visit per hour. We do not search out garbage, but if we come across any trash during our trip we capture it, record it, and recycle it.

Date: Saturday, October 14th 2007
Park: Taylor Falls (
Location: Taylor Falls, Minnesota

Time at park: 2 hours
Notes: The park offers a great deal of hiking trails and rock climbing for both novice and more advance rock climbers. Taylor Falls also runs an informative ferry rides up and down the river. The park is located right on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The rocks and wildlife are incredibly beautiful. Fortunate for us, the weather was amazing, and therefore the park was extremely crowded, which makes sense, because this very possibly was the last warm day of the year here in Minnesota.
Garbage count: 9 (pictured below)

Treasures Found: Broken & rusted metal decor, and a standard white marble (see picture below)
Location of treasures: A really impressive backyard trail which we happened to stumble onto during our exploration. It was almost a bird sanctuary and was partially surrounded by a short wall of stone. The location was very hidden. (see picture below)

Taylor Falls GPH (garbage per hour) Rating: 4.5

We strongly support cleaning up the parks you visit: Keep America Beautiful dot org

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